During the last few years we have expanded worldwide. Everywhere in the world there are high quality shops looking for the best animals for their customers. So why would we not improve the standard over there also?

We offer the biggest range of captive bred animals from Europe. By working together with multiple professionals as well as many show breeders we can supply almost every type of animal for you.

  • Birds, (canaries, parakeets, finches, doves, ..)
  • Rodents (hamsters, chinchillas, show mice, fancy guinea pigs, ..)
  • Rabbits (show rabbits, flemish giant, angora, papillion, mini toy rabbits, …)
  • Park Birds (parrots, flamingos, cranes, birds of prey, Ibis, touraco, ..)
  • Poultry (fancy chickens, peacocks, pheasants, partridges, curassow, .. )
  • Park Animals (alpacas, horses, wallabies, meerkats, mara,..)
  • Waterfowl (swans, ducks, geese, also many domestic types, ..)
  • Reptiles (lizards, Iguanas, tortoises, snakes, ..)

We arrange the entire shipping process and provide all the documentation needed for safe transportation of your order.

Every shipping box is specially designed for the individual needs of the different species, all to ensure comfortable travel and safe arrival for the animals. We consider this a very important factor and makes us one of the big game changers in this industry.  

Our facility also has several quarantine rooms available for countries who require pre-export isolation.

NEW! Through our online ordering platform you can see all the animals we can offer, their availability and prices, all complete with photos and videos. Take a look inside the newest way to buy live animals, an online super store with all the animals you could ever need. Start selecting your shipment!

After you choose the animals you want to import and your order has been sent, we will personally contact you and go through the list to start organizing the paperwork needed for the shipment. A schedule of dates, payments and shipping options will be sent and along the way you will be provided with photos and videos of your animals as well as any updates on the shipment. It’s all about keeping a close contact with our clients.  

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